Ichnography Interiors offers exclusive design concepts for the spaces in which we live, work and play. Concepts based on overall productivity, profitability and pleasure.

We understand the complex relationship between the physical, aesthetic and emotional space within the built environment; in which we will tailor, through an in depth analysis, to meet the specific needs of each individual Client.

We focus on enhancing business performance through means of optimum workflow. Our specialist experience enables us to base our approach on understanding your business, your philosophy and the employees which make the business a reality.

We appreciate the importance of creating aesthetically pleasing colour schemes, but similarly, through intelligent design, considerably optimizing usable space. Our aim is to create compatibility between people and the built environment, to enhance the flow of information as well as collaboration in every facet of your day to day activities.

Forethought in the preparation of the interior environment helps cope with change. We ensure and take necessary action to facilitate maximum flexibility, creating environments adaptable to adjustment and growth, shifting in harmony with your business dynamic, all the while, carefully considering budget and time constraints.

We develop your needs into an occupational interior plan through strategic, calculated method and process. The outcome, under the meticulous and considered attention of The Ichnography Interiors Team, is that your company is bestowed with the competitive edge in an increasingly sophisticated yet unpredictable business world.


Ichnography Interiors

Johannesburg | South Africa

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