In partnership with our Clients, an Ichnography Interiors installation is always executed to an uncompromised high standard. Through our specialised methodology and process, predetermined objectives can be met in less time than your typical relocation or renovation contract.

Site management during our project installations are always carefully monitored and prepared in advance, ensuring smooth, unhindered flow of day to day activities throughout the duration of works. Security, safety and cleanliness are factors which we do not take lightly and pride ourselves on setting the benchmark, not typically evident on a construction site.

In an exponentially progressing, technology driven world, the modern interior and ways in which we perform daily tasks is continuously being moulded. At Ichnography Interiors we understand how this impacts the human element and we will facilitate change management and training to encourage the transition and assist adaptation of the end user.

Our Client’s minds can be put at ease, knowing that with The Ichnography Interiors Team on board, not only will time, money and space be optimised, but your interior completed to the highest standard and level of efficiency.