Recruitment Specialist Head Office

This project gave us the opportunity to utilise a variety of wall and glazing treatments to rejuvenate an occupied office environment. The aim was to highlight key areas of the space and evoke a sense of comfort, confidence and optimism, all the while preserving but also improving user functionality.

Bespoke multifunctional finishes and furniture items where designed for our Client to enhance the use of vital areas within the office space. High resolution graphic wallpaper fuses the boardroom with the open plan workspace, while simultaneously acknowledging each areas own identity. The wallpaper design further accommodates an integrated projector screen surface.

Another unique and custom feature includes a boardroom server unit, comprising of three smaller mobile units, which are seamlessly joined with removable magnetic panels. This allows for multipurpose furniture which can be utilised as mobile servers for various office functions, optimising rentable space and avoiding unnecessary expenditure for our Client.